Twitter recently announced that it will add pinned tweets and short descriptions to some of the trending topics on its platform to help people understand why they’ve become popular. The company said it will start adding this feature in the iOS and Android app and will be on the web soon.

According to the blog post, the pinned tweets will be decided by a combination of algorithms and human curation, and that trending descriptions will be entirely human curated. The feature would be visible in the coming weeks, the company said, and with it, the users would be able to see the brief descriptions that would be straightforward. It will be available in several countries including New Zealand, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Australia, Colombia, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, France, the United States and Ireland.

Why We Have a Need to Understand Trends

The answer is simple… Trends are much easier to follow because they follow the same pattern. Humans almost always want something that is accepted by everyone else, the constant fear of missing out plagues this generation. However, it is not only about it being the easy way out that makes trends so appealing.

Trends can be a source of inspiration in aspects of work, creativity, discussions and lots more. They also help in decision making especially in predicting certain outcomes in business and they keep one ahead of the competition.

Twitter’s new feature even further helps us understand how the human psyche works as it relates to understanding, studying and following trends. We know we do it but now we get have the why of it all.

The bottom line is Understanding trends keeps individuals evolving.