StarTimes, a leading TV company in Nigeria has launched StarTimes GO, a 24-hour channel dedicated to e-shopping. Supposedly, this initiative will help establish the digital lives of Nigerians giving the recent global pandemic that has forced everyone to adjust to new ways of living.

The e-shopping service offers integrated services including TV, Online, Phone calls and live streaming to its audiences in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda but will soon be available in Pan-Africa as well. The platform is set to offer an extensive list of superior quality products at discounted prices and will be home delivered to shoppers.

This Will Enable The Digital Lifestyle of Africans?

Tunde Aina, COO StarTimes Nigeria said, “StarTimes is not just a digital-TV, we are now an enabler of digital-lifestyle. StarTimes GO further reinforces our vision to ensure that every African family can access, afford, watch and share the beauty of digital TV,”

Over and again we have discussed the limited internet reach for many Nigerians and Africans caused by connectivity issues among others. This initiative by StarTimes may be the Holy Grail we did not even know we needed and could breach the gap finally.

Stats have it that there are a total of 35 million TV homes in Nigeria and 10 million of which are served by satellite as of 2018. With as low as 900 Naira, a subscriber can buy a StarTimes TV monthly package making it much more affordable than data plans for already expensive smart devices. This initiative could become a really huge success as it has the potential to penetrate to more geographical nook and crannies. TV selling and home shopping has globally proven to be successful for many businesses in the past as it:

  1. Allows for three dimensional demonstrations of a product.
  2. Gives room for instantaneous response with purchase being only a phone call away.
  3. Has the ability to reach a wider geographic audience.

StarTimes is on to something big here and there is the potential that once this fully rolls out across the continent, it will become tougher to get on the show as more and more brands may show interest possibly securing StarTimes places among the major players in TV and Cable services.