The Nigerian Postal Service will start opening smart offices across the country in line with the new digital economy policy of the Federal Government, says Dr. Ismail Adewusi, the Postmaster General of the Federation during an interview in Ibadan, Oyo State.

He said, NIPOST is adopting this strategy to stay relevant and keep up with these changing times. The plan is to be a one-stop outfits for many processes:

  1. Collection of International passport and driving license.
  2. Capturing of National Identity Card images.
  3. International Cash transfers etc.

He says, “After the pandemic, things have been very difficult for the postal services sector. It is not only the sector that is affected; it is a global problem…” During the lockdown, we could not move our mails. That impacted negatively on our revenue. The Nigerian airspace had not been opened, these impacted negatively on our operations”… “Mails are reducing as people no longer send letters. The reform is in place to ensure that NIPOST is commercially run as a viable business entity.” He added that the main focus for NIPOST was to put all its services together and be competitive.

Digital Transformation is winning!

The pandemic has completely exposed the dire need for digital transformation in every aspect of society, NIPOST understands this need and is headed in the right direction in making its plans a reality. Smart offices have countless benefits of improving productivity, saving time among others. However, the question of relevance emerges in this situation because of the unimpressive list of offerings the postal organization has decided to invest in. The items on their list of offerings are things most people prefer to do on their phones in their living rooms.

The online payments space is already saturated with reliable competitors, most people send emails or texts in place of letters today. Local government offices are still functioning for the issuance and collection of licenses. Needless to say, there is nothing necessarily unique or impressive about the offerings.

Regardless there is Hope…

On TechRoundUp, we always bring to light the problems of financial inclusion and broadband penetration in the country and this new NIPOST strategy could be the one way to change this or atleast improve the current situation.

However, for that to work, NIPOST will need to move their focus from major technology driven cities like Lagos and focus efforts in the rural areas of the nation in order to reach the people who otherwise may not have access to these services. The plan works best if it is accessible to the not so technologically inclined, there may finally be a chance of proper technology advancement throughout the country. Some of the benefits waiting to be explored:

  1. It will become a catalyst of development.
  2. Improve digital education.
  3. Local business opportunities and increasing employment rate.
  4. Overall enhancement of the rural dwellers.