Microsoft has confirmed end of support dates for both legacy Edge and Internet Explorer 11 meaning there will be no more security updates on March 9, 2021 for the old version of Edge and August 17, 2021 for Internet Explorer 11, Forbes reported.

Video conferencing and collaboration app Microsoft Teams will stop supporting Internet Explorer from November 20, 2020 at which point it will simply stop working or functionality will reduce. Instead, Microsoft has been pushing the new Edge onto Windows users and now those using legacy browser editions are getting the same treatment.

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Why does it seem like No One Cares?

Once upon a time, Internet Explorer was one of the most successful pieces of software ever. It used to be the most popular browser in the world but as of 2020, not many people use it, this is mostly because it has been replaced by Microsoft Edge but even before then, it was considered the most useful tool on a brand new PC but only to download other browsers sadly.

Competition from leading browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. also made us rethink our positioning on Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is now by far the most used browser in the world with an estimated 2.6 billion users accounting for more than half of all web traffic, followed by a distant second placed Safari and then IE &Edge at an estimated 1 billion users.

Firefox used to be leading over Internet Explorer and Edge until Microsoft rebuilt using Chromium which is twice as fast as its old version and allows the use of Chrome extensions. Also, another advantage it has over Firefox is that the new Edge can load old websites in IE mode which means they don’t have to run ancient versions of Internet Explorer.

It is hard to think that this is the end of a beautiful 25 year journey in browsing. Here are a few things we will miss about the Internet Explorer:

  1. It came default with any version of Windows OS making it easy to download other browsers.
  2. Uses HTML 5 which enhances browsing experience without the requirement to install additional plugins
  3. Supports a broad array of applications which some modern web browsers may not.
  4. It is simple to use with its ease of access and compatible with all versions of the most popular OS.
  5. IE provides add-ons that look elegant and attractive. Its display site and the loading of images are quick and clear.
  6. The quicker access to previously visited pages and the ability to view them even while offline.
  7. It is available for free.

Although, we now have much faster browsers that are reliable and functional, the Internet Explorer will always be the one that got away for a lot of us. Admit it! You will be missed IE but we have decided to move on, even Microsoft does not want us using it any longer.