Total elimination of the threat in cyber security is extremely difficult making data protection and retaining data integrity over the internet such a complex task with human components (people, tech &process) being its biggest enabler.

However, cyber security should still be the priority of every tech company. Either you are an SME or larger company, it is essential to protect your company’s data. Not only does a breach threaten your company’s financial security, it could also affect viability. It is worrying to think that many organizations still don’t give information security the required attention.

The advantage of being in such a forward thinking industry is that you are constantly on top of anything and everything tech related. Employing cyber security and risk management practices will have a significant impact on information security.  Every startup should have an information security champion – could be an employee or outsource. If you can identify the risks and vulnerabilities in your business, apply administrative solutions to adequately protect your organization, you win! It is everyone’s duty to ensure the success of cyber security measures.

Here a few suggestions to help tech companies mitigate the challenges of data breaches:

1. Create proper cyber security goals, you must have goals to upgrade network barriers.

2. Educate your team, make it a requirement for your employees to undergo security training on how to spot these risks in time. An individual with full access to company’s resources could be the strength or the weakness for the company.

3. Always secure your software. Make it a priority that they are up to date.

4. Data separation, try not to compile all your files together in the cloud, store them by sensitivity.

5. Revise your business continuity plan. Today, more than 80% of startups are without a formal security plan. Use your expanded knowledge of data breaches, as well as evolved policies for managing data to adapt your business continuity plan.