Reports have it that through the Edo State Skills Development Agency (EdoJobs) in conjunction with Songhai Labs, Cameroon, the Edo government has rolled out technology innovation and capacity building opportunities that will benefit at least 10,000 youths in the state. 

According to the Managing Director of EdoJobs, Ukinebo Dare, the objective was to boost job creation for youths in the state, adding that the government was exploring different avenues to drive growth and development. She stated that the partnership with Songhai Labs Cameroon was already yielding results, with the attraction of top-of-the-range capacity building opportunities for school leavers and youths in the state. Also explaining that the training program would be holistic and provide leeway for youths to build careers in the technology industry.

Mobile computing, cybersecurity, business analytics, information management, and big data, as well as cloud computing, are some of the verticals that the training opportunities cover. Efforts have been put into bringing more international opportunities into Edo State and already as a result of this alliance, the Amazon Re/Start Programme has kicked off at the Edo Innovation Hub with more in the works, she said.  

Dare noted that Songhai Labs stood as a broker for international partners in working with universities and IT skills hubs in Middle East Africa, to train and certify faculty members and students in the areas of the latest emerging technologies to better align university/hub curricula with the IT industry needs and trends. 

The Biggest Issue is Sustainability?

EdoJobs have been doing great work at striving for inclusion with the wide pool of Nigerian tech talents, especially within Edo State. The hub has invested in training potentials in many tech trends like big data, robotics, AI, etc. 

Nigeria is a nation not without its set of challenges and as these challenges persist, it proves the urgent need for more technologically inclined solutions to transform the lives of Nigerians. Leveraging technology for the greater good of a nation like Nigeria has been discussed over and again- the jobs are inclusive and will keep on coming, which could solve the current problem of unemployment. However, as much as these jobs give people from all walks of life and varying educational backgrounds the opportunity to earn a respectable living, the evident problem is our education system has not yet caught up. Yes, we have a pool of raw tech talents, yet there is still so much to do in improving the basic use of technology not to speak of high tech skills.

Sustainability has also always been such a big problem for many development/growth plans in Nigeria and many factors contribute to this like funding. However here are a few tips on how the government and the other bodies can help secure the progress made: 

  1. Prioritize technological innovation- we need talents that are ready for the jobs of the future. 
  2. Consistent advancement: consistency is key in technology. There is always a need to evolve, making new knowledge available could make the technological progress stick.
  3. Equal distribution of technological learning around the country.

When used right, technology can be extremely helpful in furthering the advancement of economic growth and prosperity with products and solutions that can compete on a global scale.